Web Design

Online presence and appearance are as important in business today as reputation. Our web design team can help your company improve and/or maintain its web impression.

Our web design team are highly proficient in creating captivating, interactive and affordable websites for companies large and small. Based around our ethos of functionality and allure in equal measure, the sites we produce always serve our clients and theirs in equal measure. if you want a highly dynamic site that’s visible on a range of devices and completely user-friendly, then look no further.

Our in-house team have created a stream of websites, including the award-winning ME-Grad site for our Middle-East Student and Graduate network, the brand new Wallplanners.org website – a multi-function, platform for the manufacturing and process engineering sector and, indeed this very site you’re looking at now.

We also provide a translation service for our websites that allows you to translate into Arabic. In-line with our publications’ focus, this tool provides a platform that, if you’re trying to reach the lucrative Middle-Eastern market, you can sell your products and services on your website to potential buyers, and investors in the region in their language.

If you’d like us to design and create a website for you, please get in touch at media@blsmedia.co.uk.