Digital Media

We provide brilliantly designed and highly-responsive direct marketing campaigns at competitive rates.



Through our extensive work producing high-quality publications and high-impact visual display media, we’ve collected and refined superb databases in the sectors and markets we operate in. Our e-blast campaigns get your company and its products and services directly into the inboxes of thousands of targeted senior specifiers and decision makers around the World. To find out more, e-mail We deploy at specific times calculated on success likelihoods and track everything that happens during your campaign. We have a fully-functioning e-blast schedule calendar, so that we’re not peppering people’s inboxes and so that we can get your campaign out at a time when opens and clicks and, thus, potential business for you, are most likely. Each campaign is sent out to the relevant database parties and, within a few days of deployment, we send you a full campaign report, detailing all the necessary data, i.e. open rates, click rates, geographical statistics, times at which engagement occurred and overall campaign success. The report is laid out in a digestible manner, using both concise textual analysis and clear graphical display data.

Online Networking

Our Wallplaners site,, has built-in functionalities designed to allow you to connect online with industry peers, be it on the supply or manufacture side. By providing you with the opportunity to create a Company Profile, it acts as a shop front for your business and by providing you with the ability to send direct messages to Company Profile authors it acts as a professional network that’s industry specific. To add your company click here. With a range of profiles to suit all budgets and requirements, this service is both invaluable and available to companies large and small. Say you’re a supplier to the pulp and paper industry, via the Wallplanners networking tool, you can reach the manufacturers you supply to by profiling your company on the site so they can see what you provide, making your brand more visible to them. Equally though, they can come to you via the messaging service and request that new piece of machinery or that part they really need. Maybe you can message them and set up a meeting to demonstrate your latest product. Imagine doing all of this and having an e-shot campaign with us for that new product you’re trying to get out there, while also being visible on our wallplanner in their office or factory. This is what’s at the heart of our ethos as a media company: combining new and innovative methods with traditional, analog methods to make sure our clients get more business more of the time.