We produce a diverse range of high-quality publications, mainly for the Arab and European markets.


Our publications, whether contract or in-house, are always created with the same principles in mind: to be editorially-led, insightful and visually impactful.

We produce our publications with the reader in mind, limiting advertising to specific, targeted companies who would benefit from being involved and to companies who fit the criteria we set against our in-depth knowledge of our readerships.

BLS Media publications and our contract publications are, quite simply, the mark of quality. Always appealing to the eyes and hands, always with a specific focus and always written for lively minds.

The Arab British European Banking and Finance Guide

The world’s leading resource for Euro-Arab banking and finance is also an official publication of The Arab British Chamber of Commerce.

Featuring contributions from leading European and Arab financial bodies, Governmental contributions, finance ministers across Europe and the Arab states, governors of national banks across both regions and members of other financial institutions, it displays a full insight into the financial and insurance markets per country as well as examining new investment opportunities throughout the Europe and the Arab World.

Put simply, anybody worth their salt operating in Euro-Arab banking is either featured in or reading The Arab British European Banking & Finance Guide.

The Arab British Trade Directory

The directory for anybody looking to find information about companies trading between the UK and Arab markets. An official publication of the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, this annual publication contains a wealth of information dedicated to allowing businesses to explore networking and trade opportunities between, and within, the Arab States and the UK. The Arab-British Chamber of Commerce plays an important, and quite unique role as a nexus between Chambers of Commerce in Britain and those in the Arab world. The promotion of bilateral trade between the UK and Arab States is greatly facilitated by this tool.

The Europe-GCC Trade & Investment Guide

The Europe-GCC Trade & Investment Guide is a brand new annual publication providing serious reportage, quality comment and guest editorial from leading figures working to enhance trade between Europe and the Gulf regions. Exploring the nuances of political engagement between the regions to reach more stable trade agreements, as well as free zones, financial centres, taxation and Sovereign wealth, the Europe-GCC Trade & Investment Guide is both the conduit and the catalyst publication for increasing business between the two regions. Key trade and investment sectors such as transport and logistics, construction, real estate, oil and gas, mining, health and food manufacturing will also be featured in the publication.










Trade & Invest in America: The EB-5 Gateway

The Trade & Invest in America: The EB-5 Gateway publication is the brain child of an exciting collaboration between British publishers BLS Media Ltd and expert EB-5 attorneys Mona Shah & Associates, Signature Bank and the US Immigration Fund. Featuring content that discusses the latest developments regarding the EB-5 program written by industry experts, the Trade & Invest in America: The EB-5 Gateway is a must read for both those new to the EB-5 program and experienced industry veterans.

By covering many different topics related to trade and investment in the US, this unique publication presents information regarding the EB-5 program that caters to a Middle-Eastern, North-African and Persian Gulf readership with all content to feature Arabic translations, giving advertisers an opportunity to reach this largely untouched market. The cause for this niche is the lack of information available to UNHWIs in the Middle East. The Trade & Invest in America: The EB-5 Gateway publication is the first of its kind to introduce the EB-5 program to the Middle East market: outlining the program, the investment opportunities and the benefits of such in both English and Arabic.

Citizenship by Investment

Due to high-net worth individuals’ (HNWIs) ever-increasing needs for information on the latest trends and services within private banking, wealth-and asset management and protection, this unique publication, Citizenship by Investment, has become the ultimate guide for these people.

As the demand has grown among wealthy families from Arab States, Russia, China, India and Indonesia among others for better safekeeping of their assets and protection of their wealth for their superseding generations, Citizenship by Investment has kept them abreast of all the current trends in investment abroad for citizenship purposes and likely future trends. Editorially arresting, this publication helps showcase companies dealing with these issues and includes exclusive interviews and guest editorial with industry leaders and HNWIs as well as vibrant original content.




Innovation Today

Innovation Today is the publication that connects innovative SMEs with global organisations, from academia to investors. Covering innovations in various sectors, the publication caters for European SMEs ‘going global’ at phase 2 and 3 funding levels.

Featured as a sponsor at Innovate 2016 in Manchester, England, the publication was well received. The next edition will focus on covering Innovation on a global level and is scheduled for release in mid-2017.

Innovation Today is concerned with celebrating SMEs across Europe that exhaust possibilities and indeed themselves in search of creating something truly innovative, today.


The official BAME: Education & Careers Guide will help to bridge the gap between the majority and the minority when seeking a career path in any industry.

The BAME: Education & Careers Guide will provide access, training and mentoring to the outstanding members of under-represented minorities. Together, we will assist the development of the next generation of leaders from minority groups who will bravely break down social, cultural and economic barriers providing easier access for those who will follow in their footsteps.

Middle East Grad Cover

The Bridge Cover

Middle East Graduate

The Middle East provides the fastest growing student migration, heavily influenced by government focus on future economic development and the consequent rapid need to educate and train a new workforce, combined with a lack of tertiary educational facilities across the Arab world.

MESGN is an information resource in web and print for students and graduates of Middle East origin, promoting cultural exchange through student mobility across the world. We provide valuable research information for Middle East students and graduates who wish to study abroad as well as look at their first career steps and we work closely with ministries of higher education, educational associations, universities and training facilities throughout the globe to bring news and features.

The Bridge

Catering to ultra-high-net worth private banking clients of Europe Arab Bank, the European Division of the world famous Arab Bank Group, The Bridge focuses on luxury shopping, dining, pampering, antiquities and beautiful places to visit. Europe Arab Bank have a single branch in only a select number of cities; London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Cannes, Vienna and Frankfurt so each edition looks at the finest things in life in those cities as well as the best travel destinations across the globe.

Distribution is directly to private banking clients and given exclusively on Royal Jordanian flights to London. The Bridge is always lavishly produced with stunning images throughout.